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Karoline's Kitchen is as close to an omnichannel experience that a brand can be. All channels are connected on the system Cloud-Profile and the recommendation system, Raptor Smart Advisor. The systems track and store consumer behaviour history, and activate it once they become known members. For example, when they log into Karoline’s MealClub or when they give permission to receive emails.


From the moment users check into Karoline’s Kitchen, Karoline’s MealClub is ready to serve up whatever is relevant and delights their taste buds.


This personalised experience for users gives us an opportunity to tailor all content in mails, the app, via iBeacons and on the website.

A new intelligent MealClub for

Karoline’s Kitchen


Karoline's Kitchen has taken a big turnaround from an old school recipe brand to now becoming a full-blown digital savvy product brand with recipes and inspiration on the side. Coming from solely recipes the task depended on channelling the love for these recipes into the refrigerator and ensuring that customers selected Karoline's Kitchen products when the doing their grocery shopping.


A comprehensive customer journey mapping showed that there was a need for a central digital forum that would meet our customers need for personal advice and inspiration on their everyday cooking along with tips to reduce food waste.


That is why we developed a club for Karoline’s Kitchen, Karoline’s MealClub, and spiced it up with functions and benefits tailored to the individual consumers tastes.


We emptied our heads for ideas, and came up with one new advantage called, Empty My Fridge.


Everyone knows we let too much food go to waste, often because we do not know what to cook or how to cook it. Empty My Fridge solves this problem by showing you how to make meals with anything you have in your fridge.

Karoline's Kitchen 5,000 recipes where tagged according to seasons, individual ingredients and meal type. Tagging allowed users to tell us how they want to use these “refrigerator heroes” to prevent food waste. When they list the ingredients from their specific fridge, Karoline’s Kitchen makes recipe recommendations for dinner use those exact ingredients.

See how Empty My Fridge works

The launch of Empty My Fridge was the one activity that generated the most press for Karoline’s Kitchen in 2016.

With more than 15 news clips and a reach of 4 million Danes across radio, TV, online and printed media, the launch achieved an ROI of 1616, which equals about 340,000 Danish kroner in advertising investments.

Recipe recommendations become more refined over time as people use My Personal Meal Plan, they browse on Arla's website across subbrands, interact with emails or use the Karoline's Kitchen app. My Meal Plan also gets smarter and smarter every time users choose recipes, change recommended recipes or search for specific recipes.

See how My Personal Meal Plan works

Satiated with good results


Inspiration-mails were voraciously opened. On average, 43.5% - 65% over best practice for the industry. With a click rate of 21% never seen before.

Altogether, Karoline's MealClub, along with communication around the Club, reached the goals set for 2016, including the most important one: increasing loyalty to strengthen purchase intent.

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Inspiration, tips and good food served by email, social media and in supermarkets


To drive traffic to Karoline’s MealClub, we developed a series of mails highlighting the different benefits. They contained a selection of the best in- season products available and recipes to motivate people to visit again, to engage them and to build loyalty.